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and Weierstrass, when he was in good spirits, laughed the whole
attack off, as he should have done, knowing weE that just as he
bad improved on Eudoxus, so his successors would probably
improve upon him. Possibly if Kronecker had been six or seven
inches taller than he was he would not have felt constrained to
over-emphasize his objections to analysis so vociferously*
Much of the whole wordy dispute sounds suspiciously like the
over-correction of an unjustified inferiority complex.
The reaction of many mathematicians to Kronecker* s 'revo-
lution* was summed up by Poincare when he said that Kron*
ecker had been enabled to do so much fine mathematics because
he frequently forgot Ms own mathematical philosophy. Like
not a few epigrams this one is just untrue enough to be witty*
KJronecker died of a bronchial illness in Berlin on 29 De-
cember 1891 in his sixty-ninth year.